What Our Customers Say

"Hi Holly - I Just wanted to say thank you so much. You were so accommodating with my order and tailored the box to the needs of Lola. I truly believe your going to be so successful with this, your professionalism and obvious love and care for your new business shines through!"

Abi Idly

"Very impressed with my purchase. There is so much stuff in the box to keep me mentally stimulated and plenty of yummy treats!! No subscription required but hooman will definitely be ordering another in the near future. They even made sure to add a purple toy to keep her happy!!

Hank The Tank

"In my opinion the box is amazing, it has a variety of toys and they have had a crazy morning and now napping (giving me 5 minuets.) The treats are a great addition to the box and have gone into their training bag for walkies! I'm excited for your future boxes, the dog will love it"

Frenchie Adventures

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